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Welcome to the Institute of Progressive Education and Learning (i-pel) website. This website was designed and written to support our education research & analysis programs and implementation activities.

With over 100 categories and over 600 images this site is an in-depth look at K-12 education. It’s not only a concise and evolving resource for i-pel activities and projects but also a resource to be used by teachers, administrators, parents, students, researchers, vendors, curriculum designers, game-designers, policy-makers, staff and anyone interested in the betterment of K-12 education. To practice what we preach this site in integrated wherever possible with hyperlinks design to give a continual “stream of thought” regarding the inter-connected content.

A look at the Our Service section will tell what we do and how we do it. Our three primary activities are explained and hyperlinked to relevant support materials. As a definitive work this website contains a wealth of information about the K-12 education industry as well as helpful links to other source material and educational organizations (see Desigual Womens Judith Long Sleeve Blouse Blouse). Our Articles  link contains many published articles which are related to our education categories and our i-pel blog section contains i-pel original articles and reader comments.

The best way to get an overview of the site is to go to Desigual Womens Leile Knitted Short Sleeve Dress Dress and Desigual Womens Madrid Knitted Short Sleeve Dress Dress. The Website Guide is an overview of how the site is structured and the Table of Contents allows a quick scroll of every major site category. Most items are hyperlinked so if you find something of interest go for it and because the site’s contents are not linear the inter-connectivity allows you to follow a lead thread or follow your own.

Anytime we make changes or add something new it will be announced in the Desigual Women's Maxi Dress Serpens, Sizes XSXL page. In addition, if the item is a significant change or addition it will be posted in the Desigual Women's Nerea Woven Long Trousers. Please check back often as we continually update our site. To learn more Desigual Womens Pant_latil Casual Pantsand i-pel’s mission and a quick look at Desigual Womens Rita Sleeveless Dress Casual Dressclick on these links.

So, after you have had a chance to look around feel free to send us your comments as we are always looking to upgrade this resource – as the saying goes, “One never knows where the next great idea will come from.” We welcome any comments or insights that will help improve this website  – Desigual Womens' Skirt White, Sizes XSXL.